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Best Fish and Sushi Restaurants in Budapest 2024 Ranked

Best Fish and Sushi Restaurants in Budapest 2024 Ranked

Palma, Ivan 22-11-2023

Here’s the list of our best fish restaurants and best sushi in Budapest!

Best sushi restaurants in Budapest

As an extra perk, let me present a list of my favorite sushi restaurants in Budapest. I know you heard about Wasabi, which is an overpriced chain all around town – but believe me, there’s life beyond their offerings.

Fuji: authentic experience on the Buda side

Founded in 1991, Fuji is the first authentic and traditional Japanese restaurant to take over Budapest (or rather the Buda hills) by surprise. Not especially a central location, ut it’s really close to the scenic Szemlőhegyi caves on the Buda side, so you could combine Fuji and the caves into a nice day trip. They have an open sushi bar, and you can even try cooking good sushi rolls at special tables, and they also offer several tatami rooms for a more private experience. On the expensive side but excellent value for money!

54 Csatárka út, Budapest 1025

sushi restaurant budapest

Credit: Facebook

Oishi Sushi Restaurant Budapest: close to Blaha, in the party district

Super central location, fresh ingredients, everything made right on the spot – so they can be slow at times. It’s also a rather small establishment, so in the rush hour you might have to wait a bit, but the excellent food will make up for the time lost!

47 Dohány utca, Budapest 1074

best sushi budapest

Credit: Facebook @oishihu

Sushi Ocean: OK sushi in a really cool atmosphere in the business district

One of my favorites is Sushi Ocean, halfway between Parliament and the Chain Bridge. The spacious basement is very nicely decorated to give it a Japanese joint feel. It’s right next door to the only Taianese-owned Chinese place in town, and the staff is suspiciously Chinese-looking, but they do all they can to create authentic vibes not just with the décor, but also the Japanese music played in the background and the great food! In rush hour they could be slow to serve you but overall the staff is friendly and great. They don’t really speak Hungarian so you’re not even in a disadvantaged position compared to locals ;) I love their pickles, and as for their sushi – well, it’s more buffet style than upscale, but it’s still worth visiting for the atmosphere and their great Japanese beers!

14 Szechenyi utca, 1054 Budapest

best sushi in budapest 2020

Credit: Facebook @sushiocean20171111

Ennmann: great sushi in Budapest close to Batthyány tér

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a restaurant by its front – this is a true hidden gem near Batthyány tér, close to the Buda embankment. Reasonable prices, the service may be slow at times – and the sushi’s great! Also recommended is the lunch bento menu, or if you’re looking to pick up something for dinner at home after work, they offer takeaway.

20 Bem rakpart, 1011 Budapest

best sushi in budapest

Credit: Facebook @ennmannsushibudapest

Sushi Sei restaurant: pros’ choice for Budapest sushi

This place might look posh at first sight, but the substance is great. Salmon and sea bass (yep, in landlocked Hungary) are great, and I also recommend the agedashi tofu with bento petals. Fresh and abundant sashimi, nigiri and maki, friendly and attentive staff. Sort of ont he more expensive side, but great value for money. They are careful to present great options for vegetarians/vegans, and the presentation of the food is beyond comparison.

58 Bécsi út, 1036 Budapest

sushi budapest

Credit: Facebook @SushiSeiEtterem


You like fish dishes, maybe you even looked up Hungarian fishes before hopping on the plane, and heard about the local fish soup. Traditional Hungarian cuisine doesn’t have a lot more fish than what there is in the fisherman’s soup, but luckily a bunch of great fish places opened in recent years around town. 

#1 Cool seafood: The Big Fish Budapest Restaurant

Black mussels with white wine? Oyster and grilled calamari? The Big Fish may be overpriced by Budapest standards, but it has fresh fish and seafood. Orders can get mixed up easily, so make sure you remember what you got. On the picturesque Andrássy avenue by Oktogon, with a small outside place to enjoy your meal!

44 Andrássy út, Budapest 1061

Fish Restaurants in Budapest 2019

Credit: Facebook

#2 Right by the Danube: Szegedi Halászcsárda Fish Restaurant Budapest

Riverside restaurant with a lovely terrace overlooking the Danube (hint: go around sunset!), with generous portions. They have great fish but also offer other varieties of food, usually against a backdrop of live smooth jazz. Their main edge is the wonderful setting, so the food is also great, but if you’re only into the best fish in Budapest, visit #1-#3 on this list ;) Otherwise enjoy the amazing fisherman’s soup at Szegedi Halászcsárda – try their cheese platter with it, it won’t disappoint! They also carry tons of other kinds of traditional Hungarian food.

On Belgrád rakpart, Budapest 1056

Credit: Facebook @szegedihalaszcsarda

#3 Nemo Fish & Chips & Salad Bar

Fish and seafood joint on a cozy pedestrian street in leafy Buda. Their fish tomato soup is delicious, and they have a signature Nemo burger with catfish. Laid-back outdoor seating, locals sometimes think it’s overpriced but it might be worth a quick detour if you’re around, especially for the ambience!

16 Lövőház utca, Budapest 1024 (on the pedestrian street behind Mammut mall)

Fish restaurant nemo

Credit: Facebook @NemoBuda


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