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Festivals around Budapest in 2021

Festivals around Budapest in 2021

Singh, Pamela 12-04-2021

We all daydream about sipping a cold beer while listening to our favourite band on a hot summer night for almost a year now. Our dream to come true might not be as far as we think. Hungary used to have countless festivals during the year and in the summertime when one ended, another was just starting. Obviously Covid-19 has a big impact on this, many big names already canceled their events for this year and the future of festivals seems uncertain. Well, believe it or not, there is life beyond Sziget.  In this article we collected some smaller festivals in and around Budapest.

Fishing on Orfű

Aka the friendliest festival. Fishing on Orfű is a pop-rock music festival at a campsite next to  Lake Pécs. The four day event is proud to be a family- friendly festival where, from kids to parents, everyone can find something to enjoy. They have 8 stages to listen to the best alternative hungarian performers, wine tours, petting zoo, a lake to cool yourselves  and many more.



(additional date in case of restrictions are still in place: 2021.08.24-28)


Orfű, Panoráma Camping


Művészetek Völgye

aka The Valley of Arts. It started in 1989 and by now three neighbouring villages give home to it every summer for 10 days. The universal artwork festival honors all kinds of art.  Events include theatrical performances, classical, folk and world music concerts, literary evenings and afternoons, exhibitions and crafts. 


2021.07.23- 08.01.


Kapolcs, Taliándörögd, Vigántpetend




Aka  the „Mecca of electronic music”. The festival takes place at the lakeside of Balaton giving the best of both,  a holiday at the beach and partying. In the very first year it won the award for „Best New European Festival” in the European Festival Awards. 




Zamárdi, Kiss Ernő utca 44



A festival in the woods. It takes place at a clearing only 40 minutes from the downtown of Budapest. Join for hiking, party to hungarian bands or enjoy a drink next to the fireplace. They promise no reception, but a lot of adventures. 





(additional date in case of restrictions are still in place: 2021.08.11-14)


Adyliget, Sztrilich Pál Scout Park