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September in Budapest: Wine Festival, Jewish Cultural Festival & Fun

September in Budapest: Wine Festival, Jewish Cultural Festival & Fun

Palma, Ivan 03-03-2024

Are you looking for fun events in historic Budapest instead of just plain sightseeing? Late summer / early September in Budapest comes with a bunch of opportunities to discover this incredible city while attending concerts in world-famous buildings or tasting the best wine Hungary has in the Buda Castle. For even more cool events around the city check out our previous posts!


Hungarian Folk Performance, Saturdays


Don´t be shy and discover all about folk dance in Hungary in a 90-minute show. If you want to get the full hungarian experience, after eating and drinking the most typical food and drinks, it is time to learn. Go to the beautiful Danube Palace in Pest in the city center.

Concert at  St. Stephen´s basilica, Mondays and Fridays


Enjoy either an organ or a string concert in St. Stephen’s Basilica, one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire country. It is such a different experience but it is something which is worth living. Let yourself get into the atmosphere.   


Jewish Cultural Festival, September 3 - 12


If you looked into the most famous landmarks of Budapest, you probably read about the Dohány Street Synagogue, which is one of the largest in the world. It seats 3000 people, which makes it also a prime Budapest concert venue. To make the most of your visit, the Jewish Cultural Festival  is the best opportunity to catch a concert.


The festival presents culture and Jewish traditions, of thousands years, by theater plays, dance, etc… In spite of being a tradition preserving festival, the organizers renew the repertoire every year. The Dohány Street Synagogue is between Astoria and Deák Ferenc tér on the red (#2) subway line.


The area once known as the entrance of the old Jewish quarter, nowadays the inner part of the seventh district right behind it is the notorious PARTY DISTRICT, you might have probably heard of.


Budapest Wine Festival, September 12-15


Let’s start with the obvious: Hungarian wine is really good. Tokaji is a brand even Voltaire wrote about, and one that was loved by Louis XIV, Beethoven, Schubert and Goethe. Long story short: you’ll love it too, and whichever kind of wine you’re into, you’ll find something worthwhile. In fact, the festival tries each year to put another wine-growing region in the spotlight.


For a fairly flat country like Hungary, Buda Castle is quite a remarkable vantage point that looks down on the Danube and the downtown hurly-burly around it. On top of the wine, you can check out concerts and local cuisine at the festival.


Just like at most big festivals in Hungary, you can pay by charging money on a Festipay card (you can reconvert any leftover money to cash before the end of the last day) or with Mastercard Paypass or Visa Paywave. You can get tickets online – there are early bird discounts, with daily tickets starting at 5990 (~16 EUR) if bought in time.


To get to the Royal Castle, you can take the Funicular from Clark Ádám square, or bus 16 from Deák Ferenc tér. Or you can simply walk up the hill – it’s not too steep unless you go out of your way to turn it into a fat-burning exercise.

Budapest Half Marathon, September 8

The largest Central European Half Marathon takes place in Budapest on Sunday, the 8th September, 2024. It is a unique experience being able to go sightseeing the most beautiful and touristic attractions from a different point of view. Enjoy of the avenues,  cross the Danube and run at the foot of the Buda Castle. If you are into running, you can´t miss our post about races and marathons in Budapest, check it about here


International Book Festival, September 26-29 

At Millenáris Park we will be able to enjoy one of the most known book festivals of the whole continent. Get to know the local, national and international writers. Enjoy of a great atmosphere and don´t forget to walk around the city centre later on to enjoy the great food and drink which are waiting for you. It will be held at Millenáris Park. 

National Gallop Budapest, September 30 - October 1

This year the National Gallop will be held on another location, at Szilvásvárad. The city of Szilvásvárad is in the fascinating region of the mountain Bükk. It is a famous vacation spot in Hungary, as there are several hiking options and there is the beautiful Szalajka-waterfall as well. Szilvásvárad also has the famous 'Lipicai ménes', which means stud farm.


The lipicai horse is a typically grey type, which originates from the 16th century. They were mostly used for rigs and chaises. It was pronounced to be national treasure in 2004. At the 'Állami Ménesgazdaság' there are several options connected to the lipicai stud farm, such as visiting the farm with rigs, coach-driving course or horse riding. But there’s one day it’s even more entertaining than usual: when it’s turned into a unique race course for the weekend of the National Gallop.


Once upon a time, Hungarians came to Central Europe on horseback. They learned to build houses instead of pitching yurts, became Christians rather than pagan nomads in the year 1000, and slowly gave up on their plans to rule the rest of the world. One thing they never gave up on would stay with them forever: the love of horseback riding in any shape or form.


No wonder they came up with the concept of a National Gallop, where different regions in the country compete with one another every year. Anyone can sign up – actual participants are chosen in regional contests. And it’s not just about horses: you can try traditional dishes and wines. 


You can reach the event by car in 2 hours, or by regional bus in 2,5 hour from Budapest. Entrance is free.