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Check in is between 3 PM and midnight. If you do not arrive between those hours, please contact us ahead of time. Check out time is 11 AM. By that time, please empty the locker and leave the bed or private room. We can store your luggage longer if needed. Late check out is possible until 1 PM, please let us know at least 1 day prior to your departure if you would like to have.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation 1 day prior to arrival is free. The full stay will be charged in case of late cancellation, if it is requested in less than 24 hours before arrival, or in case of no-show. 

All keys to the rooms shall be delivered to the Hostel’s reception upon leave.

Payment is in cash or card upon arrival in EUR or in HUF (Hungarian forints) based on CIB Bank Euro daily buying exchange rate.

Full kitchen service is available from 8 AM until midnight.

Laundry facilities are available between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Please keep the public rooms tidy at all times. Property cleaning costs due to improper usage of the facilities imputable to the guest will be debited in 50 euro amounts. This fee does not exclude the right of Maverick Lodges to vindicate further compensation for the damages caused by the guest.

For hygiene we kindly ask you to use our clean bed linen.

Smoking is not allowed on the lodge’s premises and in all common areas (eg.: staircase, elevators, parking garage etc.). You can be fined for 200 Euros for breaking this rule.

Smoking is only allowed at the official smoking areas/places.

Alcohol consumption is allowed until 11 PM.

Guests are obligated to maintain the proper conditions and cleanness of the Lodge.

We kindly ask our Guests to act in compliance with all applicable legal regulation and general behavior requirements.

For the serenity of other guests we kindly ask you to keep a normal talking tone of voice in the building of the Lodge. Violating this rule after 10 PM can lead to a 200 Euro fine. Our receptionists are authorized to supervise and act in these cases. Breaching of the rule for the second time would induce an immediate need for checking-out. Please, use our lobby area for meeting other guests after 10 PM, especially if you have arrived as a group.

It is not allowed to enter the back courtyard through the hostel. Using fire exit without case of emergency would lead to a fine of 200 Euros and any further damage in the courtyard or neighboring buildings will be your own responsibility.

It is not allowed to bring in, store or prepare any type of explosive or highly flammable material and/or hazardous chemicals in the Lodge. The violator will be fully responsible if doing so and can be fined for 200 Euros. 

It is not allowed to throw out or spill out anything from the window. If you do so, you shall bear full responsibility for the damages caused!

It is also not allowed to put anything on the corridors or before the doors that could block the way of the emergency exit. It is also not allowed to put anything in the windows, especially things which can fall down/spill out.

In the whole building of the Lodge it is prohibited: To show activities which are contrary to the provisions of law; To pursue activities involving hazardous chemicals or components, or substances creating noxious or deleterious fume in the building of the Hostel; To bring dangerous or inflammable materials into the building of the Hostel without the permission of the Lodge; To bring weapons into the building of the Lodge; To bring hazardous animals in the building of the Lodge.

All technical equipment (in particular elevators) is to be used in accordance with the instructions as made available or with instructions given by staff of the Lodge.

By signing the registration card one takes responsibility for its own actions. Any damages caused by the guest shall be compensated and the guest shall be held liable. Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Lodge against any and all third party claims arising out of the violation of this Policy by the guest. The extent of the damage can be instantly assessed by the managers.

The area of the Lodge is supervised by a receptionist at all times.

The receptionist and staff of the Lodge shall be entitled to collect information about all people passing by the security desk and all people staying in the common area of the building of the Lodge.

Lodge is entitled to inspections in order to check the observance of official regulation and this Policy.

Beside the fines and sanctions described above, anyone who is heavily violating this Policy will be immediate checked out, and will be required to leave the Lodge, in addition the deposit will be kept for covering the arising costs.

Beside the fines and sanctions described herein, if the Lodge notices any illegal activity, or any activity that requires official actions, it shall be entitled to inform the relevant authorities, offices, including especially the police.

Please note that stag/hen or other party related groups can not be accomodated. Thank you for your understanding!

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