Erasmus student accommodation in Budapest

Budapest Erasmus students: you came to a city that you will remember for the rest of your life. You’ll live in downtown, within walking distance of the best parties in the city, and you’re about to realize that life here is as inexpensive as it is deluxe.


Erasmus accommodation in Budapest

Erasmus Budapest should start out with a place to stay. Usually finding the right place for the right price takes 5-10 days, but it’s best to get started before everyone else (mid-August for the fall semester and late-December or early January for spring). Nowadays for foreigners and locals alike, Facebook groups are the best options for flat-hunting: here are the top recommendations. Usually plenty of people look for roommates, so no worries even if you arrive alone. Most apartments in the groups are near the most popular universities, so cutting down on your commute has never been easier.


Hostel for Erasmus in Budapest

For the first few days, we wholeheartedly recommend Maverick Hostel and City Lodge, right in the heart of the city. As you’re looking for the best place to rent, our staff will be happy to give you insider tips about locations and prices. Check for availability here.

How much will life cost?

You’ve just fallen in love with Budapest and you know you want to spend every night out and about – and dread to think about how much your stipend will be enough for. Well, we have good news: Life in Budapest will be much cheaper than anywhere in Western or Northern Europe. Cheap beer starts at 300 HUF (or 1 euro), and quality craft brands on tap range between 6-1500 HUF (2-5 euros). A monthly student pass for public transport costs 3450 HUF (11 euros), and you can get a decent lunch for 1200-1500 Forints (4-5 euros). Fancier meals can cost 10 euros and above in good restaurants.


Getting a student job

OK, so life will be much less expensive, but I still need a student job. Actually, your best bet may be to capitalize on your language skills: teaching or tutoring languages pays a lot better than regular student jobs. Teachers often charge 3-5000 HUF or more (10-16 euros and above) an hour depending on the language and their experience. You don’t want to know how the wages at McDonald’s compare to that.



What’s going on in the city?

A lot. And even more. For a start, read our posts on things to know before coming to Budapest and visit Budapest attractions top list, and find out about the best events on the biggest Facebook groups connecting exchange students in Budapest: ErasmusPest as well as these two. Watch out: if you take part in all the cool events, you won’t have any time for sleep (let alone study!). At any rate, we’re looking forward to having you visit during your Erasmus Budapest!


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