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The 5 best bakeries in Budapest 2024

The 5 best bakeries in Budapest 2024

, 05-04-2024

Appreciating the artisan, quality breads, croissants and other goods is living it’s renaissance and we couldn’t be more happy about it. In this article we collected our favourite places for a good cheese scone, sourdough bread and everyone’s famous cocoa swirl.

So, here you are, our top spots for the most delicious bakery products



A small family bakery since 2010 with the intention and commitment to make good quality, delicious and healthy breads from natural ingredients with respect for the grandparents' knowledge.



  • District I. Batthyány utca 24.
  • District  XI. Bartók Béla út 15/B
  • District  II. Lövőház utca 7-9.






Nordic style sourdough bakery. While enjoying a Swedish cardamom pistachio bun, Kardemummabullar, try their specialty coffees as well.



  • District V., Kecskeméti u.11.
  • Distric II., Széllkapu park




Craft bakery and cafe. They make only locally baked, high-quality baked goods from fresh and domestic ingredients. In Artizán they don’t use any additives in the preparation as  their belief is that bread loses its true taste and the consumption of artificial substances puts an extraordinary strain on the body. 



  • District V., Hold utca 3.
  • District III., Bécsi út 314.






Bakery and dairy shop only a few steps away from Maverick Urban Lodge.The perfect breakfast place as they have sandwiches, coffee, and all the sweet and salty bakery you can imagine.  They offer daily soup as well if you are in for a quick lunch.



  • District IX. Lónyay u. 22.





Organic bakery, cafe and farmer's shop. It was founded in 2014 by 3 friends who decided that, after years of office jobs, they would like to create something with which they can certainly give value to people, and which can be done with heart and joy every day.



  • District III., Reményi Ede street 3.
  • District XII. Csörsz street, Biomarket (only on Saturdays)