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Best Pub Crawl in Budapest 2024 | Ruin Bars and Pubs

Best Pub Crawl in Budapest 2024 | Ruin Bars and Pubs

, 07-04-2024

Visiting Budapest was the perfect choice – you were looking for great beer and wine in a ruin bar in Budapest, a chance to explore the nightlife, maybe the best pub crawl in Budapest with unlimited drinks and drinking games. At Maverick we’ve been helping people find the best bar tour for ages, and we’re happy to share all our experience. Your pub crawl in Budapest will be fun, safe, and unforgettable!

First of all, we like our guests to get to know each other a little before going on a pub and bar crawl trip, so we offer cool community events in the early evening, as a free spritzer party on Wednesdays and Saturdays, traditional Hungarian pancake Mondays, or free mulled wine (to share another local tradition!). Usually, our guests would get together around 8, and after 45-60 minutes they are ready for the adventure and spend the perfect night with their first Budapest friends on their side.

There are two Budapest pub crawls that we regularly recommend to our guests. They both have local guides, VIP entry to the most famous ruin pubs of Budapest and a lot of other things in common to enjoy the culture of Budapest's ruined pubs.

In Budapest's pub crawl you can make new friends, meet like-minded people, Budapest erasmus student and meet locals on a crazy adventure. The city has many bars to choose from and you don't have several months to find the best. 



#1 Best Pub Crawl in Budapest: The wild side

The first one is for those who are ready for a Bingo adventure: it offers a ruin pub crawl with 100 challenges, meaning 5 for each participant on any given night, and you never know what you’ll get out of the one hundred. Challenges include stuff like having a guy and a girl exchange T-shirts in plain sight, Skip the line or making a human pyramid while drinking. Before the Bingo Bar Crawl the guests get picked up at 8pm and arrive at Hoff House by 8.30 pm.
Talk to Maverick staff at the reception desk for more information or to book.


best pub crawl budapest

Credit: Facebook @partybookersbudapest

#2 Best Pub Crawl in Budapest: The most popular choice

The most popular Budapest pub crawl is actually called Ultimate Pub Crawl.

This Ultimate Pub Crawl starts off with the guests getting picked up at the hostel at 8.30 after you sign up at the reception desk. You get your orange wristband, and do a few places in a few hours at a more leisurely pace, starting at Fogas and ending at Instant  (the two biggest ruin pubs). You get a welcome free shot at every bar, and have a power hour option at the end with unlimited drinking for 10 euros extra.


With your wristband, you can go back to any of the places visited later in the night (the pub crawl is done around 1am usually). But in those few hours, you get to explore the best pubs, ruin bars, cocktail bars and all that nightlife in Budapest has to offer with a cool tour guide and a bunch of new friends.


best ruin bar pub crawl in budapest

Credit: Facebook @partybookersbudapest

Where to stay + more info

Feel free to ask Maverick staff for more information. Enjoy your Pub Crawl in Budapest! Recommended Budapest accommodation: Maverick Hostel and City Lodge, right in the heart of the city.