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Best artisan ice creams of Budapest

Best artisan ice creams of Budapest

Singh, Pamela 25-10-2023

Budapest is known for its vibrant food scene, including some excellent artisanal ice cream shops and not many of us know a person who doesn't like ice cream, we just guess they exist. We dare to say that seeing the seasonal offer of the following confectioneries, even they will be tempted to taste the cooling sweets.


But remember that if you are visiting Budapest during the low season months for these establishments, autumn and winter, some of them may be temporarily closed. Although for those of us who are big fans of ice cream, any time of the year is a good time to enjoy our favourite dessert. 



Kő fagyi? on Bartók


Fortunately for now, you do not have to travel to the company’s base, the Káli Basin (a beautiful hilly area to the north of the Balaton) to enjoy this excellent-tasting ice cream, free of artificial coloring and flavor enhancers, because one can find the original place's "little sister" on Bartók Béla út in Budapest. The enthusiastic team filled the counter with heavenly ice cream creations!

Address:1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 35.



Gelarto Rosa


A big spoonful of Italy in the heart of Budapest. Located near St. Stephen's Basilica, Gelarto Rosa is famous for its unique flower-shaped ice cream scoops.  The downtown ice cream shopoffer a variety of flavors, and the presentation is a delightful treat.


They won an award from Tripadvisor in 2013, but its success is also proven by the fact that customers use their mobile phones to video the ice cream treats being made, which can be licked in the shape of a rose.

Address:1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás u. 9.



Levendula (Lavender) Ice Cream Shop


The Budapest ice cream shop is not a historical one, but it has achieved such success that it already operates six stores in the Hungarian capital. The secret of Levendula is the lavender itself - the herb is used in many flavor combinations and each one is an experience, which, by the way, can also be tasted in a milk- and sugar-free version.


A pre-taste can be arranged, and the place itself is Charming with a capital “C”.

Address: more locations - if you choose to visit this one, please ask for help at the reception





Kedveskrém awaits its guests with daily changing flavors - making ten different flavors of ice cream at once. During the day the tubs are constantly filled with different novelties, so if you go for ice cream twice a day, it won't be boring either, because the selection changes during the day.


In addition, all their ice creams are gluten-free but there are also sugar-free versions available on the counter, and fruits are used to make a milk protein-free sorbet.

Address:1015 Budapest, Batthyány u. 26.



My Little Melbourne


And finally a bit of a cuckoo's egg in the line: the unmissable “coffee shrine” of Madách tér, My Little Melbourne offers not only an iced latte, cold brew, espresso tonic but also serves a selection of delicious artisanal ice cream, perfect also for coffee lovers.


Although the soul of the company is definitely the most refined coffee culture, it is still worth visiting if you are hungry for something delicious. In addition to the artisan ice cream, you can also find delicious sandwiches and baked goods and irresistible cookies here.

Address:1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 3.


Remember to explore the city and discover new places for yourself, as Budapest's food scene is ever-evolving and always full of pleasant surprises. Before visiting any of these places, we recommend checking their opening hours and current status. Enjoy your artisan ice cream adventure in Budapest!