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Best craft beer bars in Budapest 2024

Best craft beer bars in Budapest 2024

Turok, Viktoria 19-03-2024

Budapest's iconic local bars are waiting for you to try their delicious selection of Hungarian craft beers. Here is our selection of the city's best craft beer bars in no particular order:


Whether you’re an IPA guy or a lager kind of gal, we guarantee that you’ll find something that suits you. 




Starting off strong with MADHOUSE. This rather large downtown beer bar is located in the heart of the city. The selection of beers is fantastic and definitely worth a tasting session. The bar had a collaboration with one of Hungary’s largest beer manufacturers, Dreher, but they also feature many other local and not so local brands. 


The prices can be on the higher side, but the quality is always worth it.


Location: Budapest, Anker köz 1, 1061




Next up we have ÉLESZTŐ. If you get tired of the city center try heading to ÉLESZTŐ. The word means Yeast in Hungarian. It’s located in the lovely 9th district in a ruin pub-like warehouse that was once a glassworks. It’s a cheaper choice that is eclectic, gritty and everything you hope it would be.


The food is also worth a mention. A large selection of beers and beer based cocktails will satisfy all of your needs for sure.


Location: Budapest, Tűzoltó u. 22, 1094




We are back in the city center, actually we’re in Budapest’s party district. What could be better than chugging (or delicately sipping) all of what the city has to offer before dancing your heart out next door. HOPS gives very much traditional male vibes in the best way possible.


Of course a large selection of craft beers is a given but the atmosphere is what you want to go there for. They don’t serve food so beer is all you have to fill your stomach!


Location: Budapest, 1077, Wesselényi u. 13, 1077



If you are missing the food from the beer tasting experience don’t worry KANDALLÓ’s got you. The food selection is one of the best of the craft beer bars and they even play NFL games for the sports fans on Sundays.


Located in the famous Jewish quarter, KANDALLÓ takes you to a burger filled beer heaven.


Location: Budapest, Kertész u. 33, 1073