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Budapest nightlife in Summer 2022

Budapest nightlife in Summer 2022

Palma, Ivan 11-05-2022


Budapest nightlife in Summer 2020


Well this summer won’t be the same as the previous ones. The big festivals are gone and all events limited in less than 500 persons including staff, which means finding a good party is not that obvious right now as before. But Budapest is still alive and pumping. Probably not in its usual way, but different can be more interesting for someone who is looking for a more genuine experience. So it is time to really experience Budapest nightlife as locals do.


Madach square and Kazinczy street

Before the virus the 7th district was the party epicentre of Budapest. It is a lot calmer now with the decreased amount of tourism and it will take time to get back to the same level as before. But there are still some very cool bars to visit which are very popular among locals. Let’s start with Madách square which is a must go for Hungarian hipsters. They meet, drink, talk on the streets front of the bars like Telep, Központ or Hivatal. Most of the crowd speak English, so you can get into discussions very easily there. In the near by and world famous Kazinczy street the open air ruin bars of Budapest are still busy, especially Mika and Kőleves. Don’t miss another nice garden few meters further, the Fat Mama Gastro Garden where you can eat delicious barbecue dishes and listen live music.


Bálna terrace

Bálna means whale in Hungarian and actually this modern building on the riverside next to the Freedom bridge does look like a huge glass whale. The terrace and bar directly looks towards the Gellert hill, only the Danube in between the two. Not bad at all. The regulars are usually the Hungarian juppies, so it can be a bit fancy, but there is no dress code. So don’t worry and have a beer.


A38 boat

A38 is a concert hall- club – bar - restaurant combo, transformed from river ship, and it usually finishes top5 in the European Best Club Award. It is the pearl of Budapest nightlife. In these extreme circumstances they can’t operate on full power either, but their super outdoor deck is open with live bands and djs. If you are a steady partygoer then this Budapest club is a must for you. 

Városliget park

Városliget is one of the largest parks in town where you will find the Széchenyi Thermal Bath and the Zoo too. Furthermore two iconic easy going open air bars also hide among the trees. The look of Pántlika bistro hasn’t changed much since the communism. Self-serving hipster food, friendly young staff and relaxed young guests provide the wind of change in this unique Budapest pub. Walk 10 minutes and you will reach Dürer Kert, which also has a hippish, relaxed crowd with many intelectuals and cyclists among them. Music is cool and often live, don’t expect anything mainstream. It is certainly worth a visit if you search for a party in Budapest. Check the program before you go as their music selection is really very diverse.


And last but not least one for black belts. Not because it is dangerous, but because it is a lot more hidden than the other spots. Népsziget is a tiny island in the north part of Pest. From downtown you can reach it by bicycle or public transport or taxi. It is roughly a 20 minute long taxi trip.  The island itself has an unusual vibe. Large green areas, quite a few abandoned buildings, some residentials in village type houses and a small zoo with goats and sheeps. It has started to become popular among goa trance party people roughly last summer as several outdoor pubs and bars opened there with that type of music. Since the selection of pubs became deeper, but still expect something relaxed and not poshy at all. You can also grab a dinner here or just have a drink and sit on the riverside. This surely will be a special Budapest nightlife experience.