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Budapest Spring Festival 2023 (Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál) - April

Budapest Spring Festival 2023 (Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál) - April

Palma, Ivan 22-02-2023

Some people just hop on a plane to Budapest to explore – and will want to do the research once they are settled in their hostel room. But the Budapest Spring Festival is the kind of event that draws a lot of tourists who very specifically come for this attraction. 

The Spring Festival is the largest and best-known arts festival that Budapest offers, and this year 2023 it will be celebrated in April in more than 40 venues. You’ll LOVE it if you have a thing for classical music, opera, jazz, world music or dance, contemporary circus, theatre and the visual arts. A true trademark event for the city, the festival attracts a large art-loving international crowd each year. It also hosts award-winner and famous artists.

Let us walk you through the highlights – feel free to turn to Maverick staff with any questions about the festival or other cool events in the city. It’s an international event, so expect to meet new friends not just from Hungary but from all around the world!