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Celebrate Halloween in Budapest! October 26 - November 4

Celebrate Halloween in Budapest! October 26 - November 4

Palma, Ivan 14-10-2018
Halloween didn’t always use to be observed in Hungary – in fact, the Hungarian holiday early November (the Day of the Dead) is a somber, reflective day when a lot of families lay flowers on the graves of their loved ones. Today, especially among younger people, Halloween is getting more popular every year, with tons of parties, events and special offers all around the Budapest restaurant-café-party-fun event scene. So just like Valentine’s Day, it is fairly new but by now has come to be loved and celebrated wildly. So you can expect a bunch of Halloween-themed specials all around the city. The big party venues such as Instant or Dürer will have plenty on their plates (ask the staff at Maverick who will be happy to help you get around). In this post, we look beyond the usual party circuit, from Dracula’s prison to Techno Halloween and the lantern festival to help you find the most fun possible during your late October visit to Budapest.

Dracula’s cell in the Buda Castle Labyrinth

Yes, Dracula was a historical figure, even if the fact that he was a vampire is not properly established yet. What we know for sure is that at one point he was imprisoned in the Buda Castle’s Labyrinth (a giant cave in the Buda hill). And yes, you can visit the site – it’s open year round but especially perfect around Halloween. After the Middle Ages, the caves served as a bunker in WW2 and a restricted military area during the Cold War. The tours start at 9 Úri utca Budapest 1014, the place is open 10-19h Monday-Sunday. Lantern tours start at 6 pm, the entrance fee is 2500 Forints for adults and 2000 HUF with a valid student ID. (Public transport: bus 16 from Deak Ferenc ter). The place can arrange special occasions such as birthday parties if you’re friends are all in for a really special treat!

Escape rooms!

Yes, Budapest has a bunch of them, and many will host Halloween specials. Nightmare in Budapest, for example, offers a Halloween Nightmare edition between October 27-31. They also have a full-fledged Zombie Apocalypse treat to horror-lovers. (30 Rákóczi út 1072 Budapest, entrance from Nagy Diófa street). Also, over on the Buda side, described as “the week of dread”, between October 31 and November 3 the three-story Horror Festival awaits visitors. Their motto? “All you need to do is go all the way and fear”. (9. Belgrád rkpt 1056 Budapest)

Vampire Meetup 2018

If you like to dress up in fancy costumes, this is your time to shine or suck on the blood of fellow guests. Starting at 8 PM on October 31, Krak'n Town invites you to a special meeting of like-minded vampires (31/a József körút, 1085 Budapest). Vampires in elegant dark clothes, and brides-to-be in all white, please!

Techno Halloween 2k18

If you’re in electro mode on October 31, this event starts in Tesla (21 Kazinczy utca, literally a one-minute walk from Maverick City Lodge) at 10 pm, with Mateo & Spirit, Sikztah, Obrotka aka Goodspeed and others.

Halloween run in the hills

Do you like to meet other runners while you’re abroad? A great Budapest outdoorsy team organize this cool outing every year at Normafa in the Buda hills (still inside Budapest and easily accessible from downtown). Check Facebook (Halloweeni Fejlámpás Futás) for details for this light 8-10 km October 31 run, scheduled to start around 7 pm. Don’t forget to pack a headlamp!

Visit a Harry Potter-themed pastry shop

Zelenák Sütiház (57-61 Bécsi út, level -1) is a pastry shop turning 20 years old this year. To mark the occasion, between October 15-November 10, they turn into a Harry Potter-Halloween crossover sanctuary for fans of the series with a sweet tooth. Their specialty is pastries for people with various food intolerances/allergies, so you should visit even if you are allergic and usually find it hard to buy pastries abroad.

Budapest Halloween Lantern Festival

Do you want to show off your carved pumpkin? You can do it on the chilly night of 27 October on Heroes’ Square at 7. This is a charity event that has been organized for 10 years – all participants are asked to bring some non-perishable food that the organizers collect and hand out to families in need. The occasion is a perfect treat for children.