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Gardens and parks

Gardens and parks

Singh, Pamela 31-10-2023

If you’re visiting Budapest during the spring months it’s important to know that it’s not all pub crawls and museums. Soak up all the Vitamin D you missed during the winter while enjoying the beauty and peace of the city’s must see gardens.


Here are our recommendations:




One of the biggest parks in Budapest and definitely one of the best in our opinion. Filled with activities for all ages Városliget is the place where you can mix culture and relaxation. Feed the ducks by the pond, check out Vajdahunyad Castle or just grab a blanket and let the sun do it’s thing.


It can be reached easily with the M1 Metro or buses.


Margitsziget (Margaret Island)


Another favorite, Margitsziget is an island located in the middle of the Danube near Jászai Mari square. It’s a popular recreational area with the city's largest open-air swimming complex Palatinus water park. Walking through it you can see ancient ruins and even a small free zoo that also functions as an animal sanctuary.


To get there we suggest you use Trams 4 or 6, but it can be approached by several buses as well.



Gellérthegy (Gellert Hill)


Feel like a bit of a challenge? Climbing Gellérthegy (Gellert Hill) is a perfect activity if you want to relax but you also want to work for it. At the top you can find the Citadella where you can also get a panoramic view of the city.


Reach it from Szent Gellér square. You can get there with Trams 47/49 or M4 Metro.




While you’re in Buda you might as well check out Városmajor. A beautiful park filled with greenery and calm. Definitely worth a look.


We suggest you walk there from Széll Kálmán square. You can reach it by Trams 4-6.






A bit further from the other parks, located in Svábhegy you can find Normafa. Beautiful scenery and a great opportunity for another climb. If you decide to check it out, getting down from János-hegy  with the Libegő (chair lift) is a must try.


To reach it try the Fogaskerekű train from Városmajor.