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Best grocery stores in Budapest 2020: organic shops and markets (also vegan)

Best grocery stores in Budapest 2020: organic shops and markets (also vegan)

, 01-03-2020

Food shopping in Budapest will be more fun than you’d think! Look for more than a simple grocery store in Budapest: try and buy local, healthy and cool. This post will help you find what you need, whether it’s in a grocery shop, an organic shop and market in Budapest (also vegan shops). So instead of mindlessly wondering into the nearest Spar or Tesco, follow our local tips to get the best organic/healthy/artisanal food and drinks while in Budapest!

Bortársaság, with the best wine collection in Budapest

Let’s start with the most important ingredient of any meal: the booze! This really hip chain of wine stores grew out of the Budapest Wine Society founded in 1993. Today it’s the safest place to get good wine, from the more affordable bottles to stellar prices. Tip: check out their special offers online, you can get great discounts on really high quality wines!

5 Vécsey utca, 1054 near Parliament, and many other locations, including Allée, MOM, Árkád and Mammut malls.

Organic Shop Budapest

Credit: Facebook @bortarsasag

Diéta Life Market: the super healthy grocery store, Vegan and Organic

Now that you know how to get drunk, it’s high time we told you how to eat healthy! It’s a special health-themed food shop, where you can find ingredients for any kind of food allergy/special diet, especially vegan and vegetarian. The staff is very helpful, and they have a simple system of color coding products. They focus a lot on stuff that’s great for preventing illnesses, and generally do a lot to promote a healthy lifestyle.

1-2 Nyugati tér, 1066 Budapest, by Nyugati railway station; also, 30 Arany János utca and 30 József körút (near Rákóczi tér).

Vegan market budapest

Credit: Facebook @DietaLifeMarket

Culinaris: quality Organic market in Budapest near Parliament

Suppose you want to get paprika as a souvenir, but you want to steer clear of the rather touristy Central Market Hall – I recommend Culinaris, the fine food grocery where you can get quality ingredients for your cooking or for presents for home. Cheeses, wines, artisanal chocolates, special herbs and spices from all around the world – they have two stores and also a webshop. Genuine peanut butter? Maple syrup? Organic, whole grain? You’ll find it here!

7 Balassi Bálint utca, Budapest 1055 (close to Parliament and Jászai Mari tér); they also have an Óbuda location at 8 Perc utca.

grocery store budapest

Credit: Facebook @culinaris

Cadeau Bonbon Manufaktúra: handmade Hungarian delicacies

On to the next level! Advanced souvenir from Hungary: besides paprika, chocolate! :) More than 80 different bonbons and a lot more. Elegant, artisanal delicacies very close to Maverick Hostel at Ferenciek. They also offer their own hot chocolate in winter and ice cream in summer, so now you really don’t have an excuse to pass!

8 Veres Pálné utca (near Ferenciek).

organic shop in Budapest

Credit: Facebook @cadeaubonbon

Napfényes Bakery and Pastry Store: best of vegan Budapest!

The little brother of vegan Napfényes restaurant, this pastry store offers a super healthy selection from 7:30 am near Nyugati. You can get some of the delicacies in the restaurant also but this is the perfect place if you’re just looking for a quick bite. Read our post about best vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Budapest

65 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út (by Nyugati).

Best Organic shop in budapest 2020

Credit: Facebook @Napfenyes

Pro tip: Organic Markets!

If you’re a foodie, you have to visit one of them. They’re big, rugged and a little rough on the edges, but that’s why they’re so real. A market is more than a giant artisan food shop because it’s local, it’s always been there and the ambience is unbeatable.

The best known ones include the one on Lehel tér (1 stop from Nyugati on the M3 line), Hunyadi tér (near Oktogon), the Central Market Hall (which can be a little too touristy) and the organic market at MOM (only open Saturday mornings). If you don’t speak Hungarian, keep pointing – have fun, and don’t forget to have a lángos when you’re done! Bon appétit!

Recommended accommodation in Budapest: Maverick Hostel and City Lodge, in the heart of the city center.