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Sustainable travel tips Budapest

Sustainable travel tips Budapest

Palma, Ivan 27-07-2023

We are often unaware of the implications our travel has on global environmental issues. In this article we collected a few tips on how to be a more responsible traveller.


Mode of transportation


When possible choose to travel by train. Once you reach your destination try to get around with public transport, bike or other e- transports. Budapest affords many fun and zero emission transport alternatives, you can read about it in our previous blog post  Fast, safe and green.



Buy local


Buying locally helps the environment by reducing your food miles. Why purchase something from another country when you can help the local businesses and the environment? Also, try to buy things with the least packaging.

If you’re the backpacker who likes going off the beaten track, and discovering the green and sustainable tourism of the cities you visit, our selection of green Budapest ideas and themes is just for you!



Switch off & Unplug


Unplug when it’s not used, turn off the lights when you leave the room and don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth. Everyday routines can make a big difference.



Reusable items


Try to use as many reusable things as possible. A water bottle is the easiest way to engage in sustainability and it saves you money if you refill it instead of buying a new one each time. Reusable straw- even if you plan to pack very light, this tiny item should be on your list. Carry a tote bag with you. An extra bag can be very handy when shopping for souvenirs and you save yourself from using a plastic bag every time.



Protecting the environment and climate, sustainable energy management and reducing our ecological footprint are not only our job, but also in the common interest of all.