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COVID update - What can you do in Budapest?

COVID update - What can you do in Budapest?

Singh, Pamela 14-06-2021

From the 23rd of May new rules came into force in Hungary which introduced facilitations regarding the operation of accommodations, shops, leisure facilities, visits to sports facilities, cultural events, and the wearing of masks. In this article we collected all that you need to know about what you can and can’t do with the current regulations. 


After many months  the curfew and closing restrictions were lifted and wearing a mask on the street is not obligatory anymore. The use of the mask is mandatory for all only during public transport and in the shops.  


Events and leisure facilities

  • Theaters, circuses, gyms, zoos, spas and swimming pools, sports venues and indoor areas of hotels, restaurants and bars can be visited, but the immunity certificate is necessary.
  • Outdoor areas can be visited by all.
  • Outdoor events can be held without an immunity certificate up to 500 people.
  • Indoor events and dance and music events are allowed, but can only be attended with immunity certificates.



In our previous article we collected the best outdoor bars & restaurants in Budapest. Click here for our recommendations.



During the restrictions the following guests can be accommodated:

  • People with immunity certificate
  • Who prove their protection against the coronavirus by presenting a certificate
  • Who arrives for business, economic or academic purposes

Guests are not required to wear a mask at the property.


When walking around in Budapest all bars and shops are busy again, friends meet after work for a drink, festivals can be held and chilling in a thermal bath on a lazy sunday is not just a dream anymore. It seems like 2020 is behind us.. Unfortunately border control stays in effect until the 23rd of June. We don’t want to jinx it, but let’s hope that after that, life can finally get back to normal and the Maverick Lodges can welcome all the travellers we have been missing so much. Fingers crossed and see you soon!