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Gourmet Festival in Buda May 17-May 22

Gourmet Festival in Buda May 17-May 22

Palma, Ivan 14-05-2022

Gourmet Festival in Buda (and Eleven Spring Weekend Bartók Béla Boulevard) - May 17 - May 20

Fancy Hungarian gastronomy? Dreaming about fine dining in Budapest, and Hungarian hillside vineyards? Do you want to go beyond layered potato, strudel and chicken paprikás? Mark your calendar: 17-20 May, 2018 – Budapest. And take our first expert tip: however great the international stars are, you’ll get the most out of this amazing event if you look out for the local heroes. We’re here to help you figure out how!

Gourmet Festival And Exhibition, May 17-20

The organizers couldn’t have picked a better location for this yearly gourmet paradise – Millenáris is the best old industrial complex turned fancy park in town. (Millenáris Park is off of Lövőház Street, near Marczibányi Square, right behind Mammut shopping mall, a stone’s throw from the metro 2 stop Széll Kálmán Square on the Buda side). Perfect fit for a gigantic picnic of a foodie-fest with confectioneries, wineries, cheese makers and artisan ice cream galore! This year the festival decided to cut through borders and present the very best Central European restaurateurs and chefs can offer. They also invited star chefs from further away but the main focus is Hungary and its surroundings. Lucky Hungarian food (and wine) is so good, it’s worth coming even if you’re only here for the local stuff!


The list of programs to do is long, so use our handy 7 highlights to get a taste of the festival, with the best Hungarian dishes (as well as foreign tastes):
  • Nutella pizza with pistachios and raspberry caviar? Yes! Award-winning pizza maker Szabi Szabadfi discovers the world of sweet pizzas (May 18 5PM)
  • Learn the secret dessert recipe (‘Sweet Dreams’) of the recently closed legendary Zazzy confectionary (May 18 6PM)
  • Balla mama from Hajdúszoboszló prepares traditional dumplings from the Great Plains region of Hungary. (May 19 1PM)
  • Homemade strudel-making – Poroszló’s Strudelhouse food truck has risen to national prominence for a reason. Learn the master-strokes from the real masters! (May 20, 1PM)
  • Kamilla Seidler brings Latin America's best flavors to the table, talking about gastronomy, and COOKING for the audience. (May 20, 3PM)
  • Heinz Reitbauer of Steirereck** fame (which has been ranked as the #10 best restaurant) prepares five mushroom based dishes – and you’ll definitely have a chance to taste one of them (May 19, 3PM)
  • If you’re a foodie, you’ll want to know more about Onyx**, aka the first Hungarian restaurant to earn two Michelin stars. Chef Ádám Mészáros will prepare plum dumplings while ceramist Ádám Szabó makes a biodegradable plate from a lump of clay. (May 20, 5PM)

Great food comes with freebies

Tickets get you fancy freebies, like street food bites, a chance to taste wine and beer, a wine glass and a street kitchen spice mix. For even more, shop here for the best Hungarian products in town. Workshops for a small extra fee let you venture with the pros. Day ticket: 14 euros 4-day pass: 29 euros Venue: Millenáris Park (behind Mammut mall near metro 2 stop Széll Kálmán Square) Information: (Visit the official site for a complete list of programs, workshops, children’s entertainment and the like)

Eleven Spring Weekend on Bartók Béla Boulevard, May 18-19

If you’re looking for something more fringy and independent, stop by the Eleven (‘Lively’) Spring Weekend near Moricz Zsigmond Korter – which literally brings fresh life into its leafy Buda neighborhood. Galleries, cafés and restaurants unite to show you funky exhibits and all sorts of cultural programs in the course of two days. Guided walks explore the neighborhood lined with street installations and the unescapable craft bonbon fair. Pro tip: use the opportunity to explore the best cafés in the neighborhood, such as: Kelet (the name means East, so make sure you try their tiny but authentic Middle eastern cuisine!) – 29 Bartok Bela ut Moha – 11 Bartok Bela ut Tranzit Art Café & Bistro on Kosztolanyi Dezso square Venue: Bartok Bela ut (near Moricz Zsigmond korter and Hotel Gellert)