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A-Z Budapest: The ultimate alphabet-themed fun guide 2024

A-Z Budapest: The ultimate alphabet-themed fun guide 2024

Palma, Ivan 20-11-2023

A is for Andrássy út, or the most beautiful avenue connecting transport hub Deák tér all the way to Heroes’ Square and the City Park. Lined with shops and stylish eateries, it has been dubbed the Champs-Élysées of Budapest for a reason!

B is for the Buda Castle, the most majestic of all Budapest attractions. Walk up or take the stunning Buda Castle funicular near the Chain Bridge.

C is for Caving!! Believe it or not, it's possible to do it under 25 euros (ask for the help of our experienced staff at Maverick to secure a good deal.

D is for the Danube, the beautiful river that separates Buda in the west and Pest in the east. Cross the bridges on foot or visit the Shoes by the Danube promenade. If you visit in summer, the best part is when Freedom Bridge (Szabadság híd) turns into a picnic bridge for 3-4 weekends every year.

E is for Escape Rooms, as there are a bunch of them around town. Our staff will help you find the best option!

F is for the Floating Bus Tour: Yep, you take a bus, and then it turns into a boat and starts floating on the Danube. If it sounds dope, you should try it while you’re visiting!

G is for the Great Synagogue, a real must-see for any visitor. Regular tours are also nice but by far the best way is to attend either a service if you’re religious, or a concert or other event, when it really comes to life.

H is for Hungarian Culinary and Restaurants: like Kispiac. Fat Mama. Zing Burger. And many others, in our best Hungarian restaurants in Budapest for visitors just like you!

I is for Italian Restaurants in Budapest: Oinos Wine Bar – Italian with a creative flair. Ape Regina, to keep it simple but delicious. Pizzica! A shoebox-size taste of Italy.

J is for Junibor Wine Festival, which takes place every year and presents the work of young wine-makers in a representative Budapest neighborhood. Not the only way to taste great wine in the city but surely one of the coolest!

K is for Kick-start Walking Tour, in which you get 90 minutes with a local guide to help you figure out the basics. Best photo opp with the Danube or the Buda hills? Quaintest local eatery? Newest developments? All this and a lot more, for affordable rates.

L is for the Lake Festival in Bánk, which might be a lot smaller but Sziget but has a very cool philosophy: it is run as a social enterprise and not a cash cow. It’s super progressive, contemporary and sustainable. Even if you only go for the lake it’s worth it, but you’ll love the chance to absorb art and meet loads of locals there.

M is for March 15th – this is the big national holiday, celebrating the failed revolution against Habsburg rule in 1848-1849. An important drinking custom related to beer derives from its history. Read our historical guide to find out how you can impress locals by honoring it and even just knowing about it!

N is for Art Noveau in Budapest! Visit the Gellért Hotel and Spa. Check out the Museum of Applied Arts. Wonder around the old Paris Department Store on Andrássy avenue. Pass by Gresham Hotel near the Danube. Visit the Institute for the Blind (they also host classical concerts for outsiders in their Nádor room). You won't be disappointed!

O is for Ottoman-era Spas, royal palace and wooden hills in Buda: See Budapest has so many intrigues that we’re running out of letters to stick them to. Buda is the lesser known side to many short-term visitors, but it’s a much loved haunt for many fans of green spots, woods lined with children-run railways, Turkish baths, and the breathtaking Castle District.

P is for the best pub Crawl in Budapest: If you come home sober, you might have spared your liver but you probably missed the point. For as little as 10 euros you can join a guide and get a hands-on introduction into the notorious nightlife of Budapest.

Q is for Quality: If you’re used to the expensive cities of Western and Northern Europe, you will enjoy spending less and still being able to afford higher quality food, accommodation and everyday luxuries. Fun fact: Q is not used in the Hungarian alphabet, so we were really happy we got to find a fitting English word for here!

R is for the 1956 Revolution against Soviet occupation. This is obviously more recent than 1848, and you can still meet locals who took part. Even if you don’t hang out with 80-year-olds, all your Hungarian friends will have stories about this – ask them especially if you come around October 23. In our mini history lesson you can also find recently unearthed photos from the streets – they’re worth a quick look!

S is for Street Food, and if you can’t wait to get a taste of what’s on offer, we have a whole post breaking down Budapest street food for you with expert tips, from the lángos all the way to the chimney cake. And Karaván, the ultimate hip Budapest street food paradise is right next door to Maverick City Lodge.

T is for all the Things to know before you travel to Budapest: How do I get into the city from the airport? Where should I exchange money? (Hint: NOT at the airport!!) Where should I stay? Lucky you, we have all the answers in our arrival logistics post.

U is for unusual spots in the city!Think mobile sauna by the river. The Labyrinth of Buda Castle, where count Dracula was once held captive. Memento Park, now home to all the gigantic communist statues and the like. Shoes by the Danube commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. Pinball museum, Columbo statue, Roman amphitheater and thermae, and the holy right hand of St. Stephen in the Basilica. All this and a lot more.

V is for Valentine’s Day at Budapest, for which we have super romantic recommendations for you with which to surprise your loved one!

W is for Wine Tasting, which you definitely should try in a country so famous for its wines! Our staff will be happy to help you with recommendations of bookings.

X is for the Xmas Fair and Winter Festival, and in fact all the Christmas fairs in the city. These cater not just to money-spending adults, but usually offer arts and crafts for kids, free concerts and great local food.

Y is for Yellow Trams, which are pretty and fast, but also a bit overcrowded in the mornings/afternoons. But: trams 4 and 6, which run on roughly the same line (the busiest in town), run all night to get you from A to B even after hours of bar-hopping. For other important lines there is also a night bus – and your regular pass is valid on those as well.

Z is for the Zoo & Botanical Garden, which is by the City Park! A new, gigantic biodome is being built to portray the descendants of the animals that used to live in the Carpathian Basin (today’s Hungary) when it was still tropical a few million years ago.