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Lake Balaton - 3 day itinerary

Lake Balaton - 3 day itinerary

Singh, Pamela 20-04-2022

It’s finally summertime!

Are you planning to visit Hungary during the summer? Then it is compulsory to leave the heatwave of Budapest and head straight to Lake Balaton!

We are here to advise you a list of cool places to visit around the lake, which you shouldn’t miss out!

Whether you just want to break out from the workday stress for a weekend, or seeking new experiences, you will find several recommendations for a 3-day-trip to the so called Hungarian Sea.


In the past few years, the Northern shore of Lake Balaton became a popular spot for high-end restaurant and bar owners. Countless places opened for satisfying the gourmet visitors. Why is it, that the Northern area of the lake became more popular for these expensive entertainment facilities? The main reason for it can be, that the area is full of beautiful hills and basaltiform elevations, from which the scenery is breathtaking, facing the lake. Due to its hilliness, there are several vineries, and the Wine Region of Balaton can be found here as well. For a delicious wine, we need some tasty bites as well, so it is obvious, that the gastronomy is faboulous here!

So let’s check out, which restaurants are worthy to visit, which are only 1 or 2 hours drive from the Hungarian capital.

Bitang Burger & Coffee Shop

Where? 8226 Alsóörs, Endrődi Sándor utca 24/A

It is in the heart of Alsóörs where the tattoed, cheerful chefs greet us, while some punk music can be heard in the background. The burger shop was opened in the spring of 2021, which made the Northern shore richer with a place serving quality and unique burgers and pulled pork sandwiches. Vegan options are available too.

Kikötő Restaurant (Almádi Yacht Club)

Where? 8220 Balatonalmádi, Véghely Dezső u. 5.

The restaurant was refurbished in 2021, where the guests are welcome with diverse, modern, but taste-like-home bistro cuisine. We can find here arancini with beetroot, guinea-hen consommé, gambas pil pil, beef cheek in red wine and thai chicken curry among others.

Öböl Piknik

Where? 8230 Balatonfüred, Kerekedi utca 1.

This place is settled between Csopak and Balatonfüred, on the site of a previous bicycle stop last year. You can stop by on two or four wheels, and enjoy the whole day panorama, next to a finger-licking meal. Huge sandwiches, plates prepared in oven or over grill, retro hake with mayonnaise potatosalad, and the nostalgic apple pie and tiramisu are always a good idea.

Kanyar Barkitchen

Where? 8360 Keszthely, Katona József u. 1.

During a trip to Keszthely, you should test this new restaurant, which is close tot he Festetics Castle. The meals are prepared plain and in modern technology. You can have a view to the castle as well, during tasting a beef spare ribs with triple fries and red coleslaw. Later you can try the cake of the city in minimalist style.

Vulcanus Pizzabar

Where? 8300 Tapolca, Fő tér 19.

This new wine and pizzabar opened only 6 months ago, but it is a unique spot. You can try several local wine here, such as the Büttner Winery, or a champagne, or gin tonic as well, besides eating a napoli style pizza. The ingredients for the pizza come from Italy, thus you can try the fior di latte, the napoli hot sausage, the truffle cream or the spicy calabrian sausage cream pizza.


If you are interested in more popular restaurants, or would like to visit some in the Southern shore as well, check out the Lake Balaton Gastro Map: